300+ BSQ not recognized by Bisq wallet after 180 confirmations

I sent about 300 BSQ from one bisq to another. in the sending bisq wallet this looks ok and the balance is down 300. In the receiving Bisq the transaction shows up with status “not recognized” and the balance didn’t increase. In the blockchain explorer the transaction is known and has 180 confirmations in the meantime. I did on both bisq a SRV resync which didn’t help. Both clients had v1.5.1 when the transaction was done. In the meantime I upgraded both to v1.5.2 and re-synced the receiving client again which had no effect unfortunately. CTRL-E shows only the transferable BTC and not the BSQ so I didn’t cancelled it.
How can I get the right BSQ balance showing up in the receiving client?
Thanks for help!

This is not a common issue, so if you could come to Keybase to share personal data like logs and txids for devs to investigate, we would appreciate that.

To solve your issue, you can try first to making a backup of your data and then to re-import your seed. You can get your current seed from the place where you have it written down or look for it again at Account > Wallet Seed. At this same tab, below, you can import your seed again to make Bisq to watch for all utxo from the seed.

In case others face the same issue, this fixed it for me (bisq v1.5.4):


If not in sync you’ll find a DAO re-sync button.


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