3rd Party Payments

Questions for you.
We’d like to build our payment gateway on your system. This is what we have in mind:
Customer swipes visa.
Visa pulls from CC
CC takes dollars and goes instantly to crytpo currency via your exchange.
Coins are credited to the sellers wallet.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Very fondly yours,
Teresa Grobecker

There is currently no API in Bisq that can make this possible. However, Bisq doesn’t use credit cars or visa as payment methods, I believe due to the chargeback risk.

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Credit and debit cards are not an option while Bisq doesn’t develop something like a web of trust. Credit and debit cards aren’t reliable due to chargeback risk.

Ok, thanks for the reply. What if we use only Visa Debit cards that pull directly on ACH rails for verified transfer of real funds available and no returns policy?