A couple of ideas for improving usability of bisq

I like bisq, so here are a couple of friendly ideas for improvement.

  1. If I “buy bitcoin”, Bisq tells me to send xx altcoin to the “bitcoin seller’s” altcoin address. Since I often hold funds in Coinomi multiwallet, how about showing me a QR code for the altcoin address so I can snap it in Coinomi? Currently on my PC, I have to copy the altcoin address text and then find a website that converts text to QRcodes online.

  2. For altcoins that are not on Poloniex, how about pulling their price from the API at cryptocompare? https://www.cryptocompare.com/api/

  3. I want to trade more than 1 BTC. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

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By the way, you can trade as much as you want in Bisq, you just can’t do it in a single trade.
You can also have multiple open trades at the same time, if you wish, it is just for security reasons that trade amounts have been limited per trade.

DuckDuckGo search engine has a built in QR code generator that I frequently use. You just type "qr code " and it generates it for you. Tor browser uses DuckDuckGo by default due to higher privacy than Google.