A couple of questions regarding network info (peers)

  1. What’s the difference between “peer (direct)” and “peer”?

  2. I can choose to connect to “provided Bitcoin Core nodes”. What does it mean, how are they chosen and why is it better to connect only to them rather than anyone’s node? They have also Tor addresses so I suppose they are also using Bisq.

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  1. Where do you read “peer (direct)” ?
    Bisq uses atm 2 networks:
  • the bitcoin network
  • the P2P Bisq network, which are all running Bisq applis (~140 nodes per day last time I checked)
  1. I don’t think “provided bitcoin core nodes” are “better”.
    I guess that:
  • it’s mainly a safety for Bisq to have it’s own pack of nodes. Some kind of care policy.
  • Bisq’s own bitcoin nodes are closely monitored. If a node has an issue, we rapidly know it and do what’s needed to have it rapidly reworking.

It’s what I guess, but I stand to be corrected.

There are three types of peers: Seed Node, Peer and Peer (direct). Screenshot%20from%202018-08-26%2011-51-33

There are even more than 3 types.
There are seenodes, pricenodes, statnodes, simple peers, etc.
See the github : https://github.com/bisq-network
I don’t know what Peer(direct) means ?
If you tell me where you read it, it may help to help.

I didn’t read it anywhere. I just see this as a connection to me. I’m just interested what does it mean. :smiley:


anywhere = Bisq appli Settings/Network info/P2P network part

Maybe you have a trade (or a dispute) running,
and Peer (direct) corresponds to your conterparty maker/taker ?
You may verify it by looking at the displayed onion address.

It’s P2P network part. I have one trade open. However, the Peer isn’t my arbitrator nor the peer I’m trading with.

Do you have a bitcoin node running on your machine ?

Also, isn’t the onion address your own onion address ?

I don’t have Bitcoin Core running. It’s not my address. I can see my own address in a different text box.

I don’t know what (direct) means, but as for provided Bitcoin nodes, that is a privacy improvement.
Bisq’s wallet library, bitcoinj, has a privacy issue with some bloom filters, where it will leak some data about your wallet to the full Bitcoin node that it is connecting to.

Using provided nodes that are run by devs, we are more confident that you aren’t being tracked and we also provide stability in case of forks on the Bitcoin blockchain (as you can guess this was added during Bitcoin Cash fork).


Direct means that you or the peer sent a direct message for instance a take offer request (clicking on the take offer button triggers that). It signals a higher prio connection as normal peer connections, so when closing connections those are kept longer open as u might be in a trade process with such a peer.

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