A Fee to Modify or Cancel Market Maker's Offer

Bisq used to have a fee to modify or cancel the market maker’s offer (to buy or sell). So once you make an offer and then decide to modify/cancel, you had to pay a penalty

Q1: Is there such a fee presently? If so, how much is the fee to modify or cancel an offer to buy or sell BTC?

Q2: If there is a fee for the market maker’s to modify their offers, it punishes the market makers from providing liquidity and creating offers (buy or sell). The more offers there are, the better it is for everyone. There should be an incentive to encourage market makers to make as many offers and as high or low as they wish. The market will decide if their offers are good or bad/accepted or rejected.

There is only a fee when offer is published. Canceling an offer only sends the message to the network that it is not valid anymore, as far as I know. This fee is pretty necessary in Bisq to stop spam.

Modifying an offer is not possible currently (I am pretty sure), you can only cancel an offer and create a new one. So you will pay two fees for the creation of two offers.

Yup… Basically the “penalty” is the maker fee that you pay anyway, no matter if the trade completes or if you cancel it.

See: https://github.com/bisq-network/exchange/issues/1043