A few unconfirmed transaction ID's - help


I have noticed i have a few unconfirmed Transaction Payout ID’s, the deposit and fees are confirmed if i open the i. but the payouts are not. This is from a few days ago. Is this anything to worry about?? the amounts show correct in balance. but whats with days of unconfirmed payout ID’s? will i still be able to withdraw the amount shown in balances?

I also have a maker fee transaction ID that is unconfirmed from a day ago.
Please help, im stressing and only noticed this now.

Im able to see the actual amounts under Send Funds and select them, i havent withdrawn them as yet. Will i be able to withdraw them if i try? How is this possible if the payout ID’s are not confirmed? i dont understand…

See: Unconfirmed deposit Tx: Don't panic

The miner fee was defined at the time when the offer was taken, with the sudden mempool explosion that fee is too low now. But no worry it will solve itself over time. Just wait until it gets confirmed (prob weekend if not earlier).

@ManfredKarrer thank you

Though my main question is, if say the payout transaction ID is not confirmed, then how is it possible that i already have the amount in my wallet to that specific address? Because i withdrew that amount. So is the payout transaction ID necessary to confirm?

I am not sure exactly what you are referring to here, but there might be some bug. Perhaps you will need to delete the SPV chain file in the settings, but I am not sure.

You can check if any transaction is confirmed on the Bitcoin network by using a blockexplorer. You might want to do that for the transaction in question so you know is it a problem with the app showing it or something else.

No worry all is fine. Unconfirmed txs will get confirmed once there are less tx in the mempool. Currenty its >200k tx which is not normal. Normal is about 10-40k. Usually that gets cleared over the weekend. Hope the spammers don’t have too much funds to burn…

The payout tx is like any other tx. It gets broadcasted and once a miner includes it in a block its confirmed.

No worry. There are just 2 cases: Either it gets confirmed then all is fine, or if not then the money has not left your wallet. In the worst case that the tx not confirmed for 1-2 weeks and gets removed from the mempool I will instruct people what to do (spv file resync, restore seeds) but please dont do that now it does not help.

thanks. Much appreciated!