A little feedback on buying process

  1. When buying BTC, I want to specify the amount in either BTC or in fiat currency

  2. Once a buy has been initiated, it’s quite pointless putting the bank details in the pop-up because they can’t be copy-and-pasted from there (only from the subsequent main screen). So I think best to just give generic instructions.

  3. I want to trigger my own custom commands for certain actions. As a buyer, I want to send myself an alert (via console command) when the seller has confirmed receipt. Equally, as a seller, I imagine they want to know when an order has come through (though I haven’t yet gone through that process)


Re 1: Yes that is on he long todo list.
Re 2: To make the text there selectable/copyable would be good. Just some UI flaw which is in JavaFX harder to fix than it should be…
Re 3: APIs are in development, with that you can then create offers and execute the trade commands.