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LiqPAY is a popular payment method in Ukraine.

The LiqPAY account is a mobile phone number in an international format.
Liqpay does not allow chargebacks
LiqPAY working with euro, dollar, Russian ruble and the Ukrainian hryvnia.
Methods of money transfer: LiqPAY -> LiqPAY, LiqPAY -> Mastercard / Visa cards, transfers from card to card.
Tariffs and limits on transactions: https://www.liqpay.ua/en/tariffs/
FAQ: https://www.liqpay.ua/en/faq


You should have made a new topic instead of replying to this one, but I can tell you that LiqPAY is not a good option for Bisq, since payments are refundable (as seen in the referenced FAQ page).
PS: Your Wikipedia link turns out blank, but I found it referenced on this page