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I need some help,can’t run Bitsquare,get always the warning,"Bitsquare is already running,you cannot run 2 instances of Bitsquare"
My problem is i cannot find it running.Downloaded 0.4.2 about a week ago.
Today deleted it completely and downloaded 0.4.3.My problem stays with the 2 versions.



did you try turning it off and on again :wink: ? what os ? etc.



I would like to make another post in the .5 BTC bounty thread.

As I’m a new user, it won’t let me as I have already made 3 posts. How can I put forward my latest suggestions?



I am trying to buy DGB, but it is on the DOGE exchange. Wish it was on the BTC exchange…it had the 6th largest worldwide volume earlier this week and a big following.



We are trying to buy bitcoins on your platform but our country and our region do not exist on your site…
All of the Caribbean Islands are missing under Country, Select region. They should be added in particular, Trinidad and Tobago.

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