Absurd btc Prices

Why should I take offers and buy btc in bsq to absurd prices 15 % - 30% above market price, when I can just walk to a btc-machine and be ripped off by just 6 or 7% above the marked price ??

I’ve seen offers that were better than market price! Bisq offers are only available while makers have their clients running, so offers come and go all of the time. As the number of offers increases you’ll often see them becoming more competitive. On the other hand, when the order book is sparse, the premium tends to increase.

I agree that absurd prices are annoying, and maybe they should be considered spam. Make your own offers and leave your node online so others can take them. You’ll end up saving in mining and trading fees too.

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No need to take any offers.

Generally the smaller the fiat amount the higher the % as miner fees make up a larger proportion of the trade.

Conversely the higher the fiat amount the smaller the % as miner fees make up an insignificant proportion of the trade.

If you make your own offers this should also be kept in mind. For example selling 50 Euro for spot price will likely not be taken, even at 20% over spot price it is still unprofitable if fees are 15 Euros. The bigger trades you make the better percentages you will get.

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Bitcoin ATMs aren’t available everywhere, they might even be banned. They might also require KYC, which bisq doesn’t.


All bitcoin ATMs where I live require full KYC with government issued ID.