Accepted purchase offer sitting with 0 confirmations

An offer ot purchase BTC was accepted, but unlike other accepted offers, it’s just sitting with 0 confirmations. So, it’s not getting past step 1.

Is this a software issue, or a seller issue? How does it get rectified?


Start by restarting Bisq. Once it’s done, check with if you can find the transaction in a block explorer. If you cannot it’s because the transaction wasn’t broadcast. This may be due to network problems. Open a dispute with ctrl/cmd + o and explain what happened to the arbitrator and request a reimbursement of your trading fees.

Thanks Huey,

I know its basic, but how do I verify the transaction on block explorer?

I assume you’re the Offer Taker. You should be able to go to Funds > Transactions and find the “Offer taker transaction…” related to this trade and get a transaction Id.

Thanks, again. There is nothing but completed transactions there, but if I click on Portfolio>open trades and click on trade ID I found it. From there I can click to block explorer. From there it looks like there are confirmations:

STATUS 393 Confirmations
INCLUDED IN BLOCK 0000000000000000000ade901e1e17da4f47d8e2a0e0722a661a2a254406a82e
BLOCK TIMESTAMP 9/7/2019, 9:30:45 PM EDT