Accesing the Bisq app for a visually impearerd / blind: Unfortunatelly Not

Hi best p2p exchange community!
I m writing to you for a very significant and specific reason!
first of all, I m 100 % sor that the platform works super, iven I don’t (can’t) use it! I have read very goodcomments about Bisq, I will not say the oposit! but I do face a problem! and i m going to enter in to my issue!
with 1 frase, I can’t use the app! I m ollmost blind and,i use screen reader softwares in order to brouse, write and generally use the pc. When I tried to use the app, it was unfortunately impossible. Screen reader, couldn’t “read” menus, heads or buttons in order to navigate throu the app. please admin and community work in this super project, give a help to this in 2018 year just came!!! in order all members and visually impeared can use this.
I don’t know if the benefits bisq has, can be accessed via other way, f.e, from a website or only from the app, it would super if there is a webpage in order someone has access!
1000 thanksf or reading thisa nd, I hope to do somethink for this!
regards and happy new year!


Hi Theo

I am glad that you told us about the issue. We should definitely try to make Bisq readable by screen readers to help people use it, such as yourself.

I am not sure how easy or hard this will be to add, but we should definitely look into it.

Unfortunately Bisq will never really be appropriate for a website, as websites are by nature centralized and not P2P.

I hope you join us when we get this sorted out.
Happy new year Theo! Best of luck in 2018!

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1000 thanksf or your reply! For this reason I decided to post, since I didn’t find any ather to has mention this. Just imajine how many people with this issue will join, the platform is just unic! that is garandy! I hope to ckeck it!!! again thanks for the reply! I hope all have a little bit money this year exept from all the athers we can wish!!!

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I hope we soon get enough dev resources to add support for that! JavaFx should have some basic support be default but it will require for sure quite a bit of effort to make that usable all over the app.

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hi! solved! olmost allover of the app! it needs to play with the screen reader, but user who know these kind of software they know what to do! please keep this super app!