Account age witness Q&A

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Spec is here:

My account is 82 days old and still has a .25 trade limit in place. Any idea when this will be bumped to something more reasonable such as .50 or even 1 BTC?

0.25 BTC is the limit for most mid risk payment methods. Thats about 2500 USD now and when BTC goes up to 20k again its with 5000 USD probably even too high.

Totally understand it from a risk perspective, but given the shallow-ish liquidity of the current market, it makes it hard to quickly trade (buy or sell) a sizeable position in a timely manner. Given the breakneck price volatility that is the norm, this is a drawback compared to centralized changes.

You can make multiple trades. Chargeback risk is a real concern and with bigger amounts it becomes more attractive for scammers to look out for victims at Bisq. We prefer a bit lower convenience for higher security.

I fully understand the reason for Bank Account Age witness limitation. The thief with a stolen bank account and charge back risk.

But some information mishmash:

Bisq v1.15 say:
“Please be aware that all bank transfers carry a certain amount of chargeback risk. …
During the 1st month, your per-trade limit will be 0.0625 BTC

And also when I in Bisq v1.15 Account.NATIONAL CURRENCY ACCOUNTS open the SEPA payment method Bisq v1.15 say:

Max. trade duration: 6 days / Max. trade limit: 0.0625 BTC / Account age: 0 days”

So per-trade limit will be 0.0625 BTC I have to understand.

But all buy BTC order in Bisq v1.15 with a higher minimum limit of 0.01 BTC is disabled and when I select a disabled order in BUY BTC a get:

"@ Warning

This offer cannot be taken because of security restrictions based on the following criteria:

  • Your payment account was created after March 1st 2019

  • The minimum trade amount is above 0.01 BTC

  • The payment method for this offer is considered risky for bank chargebacks

We needed to deploy this restriction as a short-term measure for enhanced security.

The next software release will provide more robust protection tools so that offers with thi:
risk profile can be traded again."

So now I have to understand that the limit is 0.01 BTC.

How shout I be able to understand that my trade limit is 0.0100 BTC and 0.0625 BTC on the same time?

The message about the 0.0625 BTC limit is a general message, applying to all situations.
The message about the 0.01 BTC limit applies specifically to fresh accounts, complements and supercedes the general message. Of course the minimum of both limits applies.

We know those limits are annoying and Bisq devs are working on the 1.2 release which should allow to return to the general limits.

Thank you.
When is the limit in Bisq v1.15 0.0625 BTC?

I think this 0.0625 BTC limit applies for accounts created before march 1st 2019.
It should also apply to accounts with some sufficient reputation, but the software tools for that are not implemented yet.
Again, we apologize for those annoyances.

It can take long time (years) before 1.2 release.

So I have to understand that the real per trade limit is 0.01 BTC. Is it the first month or forever or until 1.2 release? What is it the 2nd month?

"Please be aware that all bank transfers carry a certain amount of chargeback risk.

To mitigate this risk, Bisq sets per-trade limits based on two factors:

  1. The estimated level of chargeback risk for the payment method used

  2. The age of your account for that payment method

The account you are creating now is new and its age is zero, As your account grows in age over a
two-month period, your per-trade limits will grow along with it:

© During the 1st month, your per-trade limit will be 0.0625 BTC

© During the 2nd month, your per-trade limit will be 0.1250 BTC

@ After the 2nd month, your per-trade limit will be 0.25 BTC

Please note that there are no limits on the total number of times you can trade."

0.01 BTC is 120 USD.
It is the same as say new account can not trade because there are very few order in that size and then the fee do it unusable.
0.0625 BTC, 740 USD is a fear limit.

Hopefully not!!! Devs are working on it and it should get out in 1-2 months.