Account didn't get signed

I am new to Bisq and I just did my first trade. I successfully completed a buy-BTC with a signed Account 1 day ago, but my trading account didn’t get signed.

The trade ID: 449350-18f1f97a-b028-45ac-b302-ea79fefb7fb5-125.
I am the buyer, making fiat payment with Revolut.
Bisq version: 1.2.5

Account details:Not signed yet
Aging process didn’t start yet, Account age: 0 days

My trading Account should be signed and the aging process should have started if I trade with a signed Partner right? Please help


You only get signed when you buy from someone that it a signer. That means they got signed more than 30 days ago. It sounds like you traded with someone that got signed less than 30 days ago.

I have the same problem. I bought 0.01 BTC today from the seller who’s signed “since 193 days” but my account didn’t get signed. Do I have to ask the seller, in chat, to sign? what I’m doing wrong?

If you check your account details, national currency accounts, what does it say below:
It should look like the above.