Account info in orderbook was not changed to the related trading account


i created an offer to buy btc, but wrongly with the F2F account, after changing to SEPA, the payment method is changed correct to SEPA but the account info in orderbook is still show the info from the F2F account which has no trades and is not signed


since 1.6.4 and still exist with 1.7

Device or machine

manjaro linux

Hi @bisquit23 if you have not already done so it would be good to document your issue in the Bisq GitHub

hi, i opened an issue, but get no response since one month …

Hi @bisquit23 thanks I have commented on the issue to ask devs to take a look. I think they might want more info from you. For example your logs.

Hi @bisquit23 the has now been replied too. Please can you provide the additional information needed on the GitHub post.