Account not signed after trade

I bought 0.01 BTC with my SEPA account from a peer that is signed and can sign other accounts. However, my account still says “Not signed yet”. Is there some way to resolve this issue and get my account signed, or do I have to try another trade and hope it works this time?

Looks like you are familiar with the requirements to get the account signed. Sometimes it is signed after a resync, but it’s possible that it failed.
In case it failed and you need to try again, create a new account with the same bank data but a new salt.

Are you suggesting that using the same account with an unchanged salt for another trade will likely not get it signed? Or why exactly should I try changing the salt?

Sometimes your account is signed for the network but somehow your node doesn’t get that info, so every new try to sign the account will fail because for the network, your account is already signed.
A different salt makes your account look like a whole new one for the network, even if the other account details are the same (as it should, as it’s the same account).

I see. Is there some way to:

  • check if my account is actually signed for the network
  • if it is, make my node somehow aware of that?

You can check if your account is signed by doing the following:

Go to Accounts > National Currency Accounts

Select the account in question and see what it says under “account signing status”

Yes, the account in question has a tooltip that says “Not signed yet”, even though I have already traded with a signed peer. However if I understand correctly what MnM said that’s what my node sees, the network might be seeing the account as signed.

No, the only way to get signed if it fails is by trying to get signed again.

Thanks for your help, I created a new account and that one got signed successfully.