Account not signed anymore after restoring

I had a signed account more than 1 year old, but I haven’t used bisq in months, now I restored a backup and opened bisq and its saying my account is not signed anymore. What can I do? Thanks

Hi thanks for posting the message. I would make sure you have updated to the most recent version of Bisq to see if that fixes the problem. It it does not fix it please repost and I will investigate what reason might be causing the account not to be signed.

I’m using the latest version

Thanks for letting me know. What type of payment account is it that is showing as not signed?

National bank account

If you go to payment accounts and select your national currency account what does it say under ‘account signing status’?

National payment accounts only need to be signed for more popular currencies eg USD, EUR, GBP.

Check your currency market and see if other national payment account offers are showing as signed. It might be the need for signing has been removed from the currency you want to trade.

Account age says 7 days ago because it was when I restored the backup

I have all my transaction history with multiple people, disputes, btc balance is ok, only the account is not signed

I think that is the issue. I think restoring from backup will lose the signed status. Take a look at the post here: Bisq on 2 comuters - #5 by MnM

@sqrrm knows more about signing.

Any ideas @sqrrm ?

Sorry if I not expressed correctly but I did not export only the account and restored on other computer, the backup I restored was the entire Bisq folder

The way you describe sounds like it should work and keep your age / signed status. Not sure why it has not worked.

Running from an old directory should work. If the account data and salt is the same then the account should be signed so it could be either the salt was changed after the backup was made and the account was signed with that salt. Or the p2p data hasn’t synced properly, but that’s unlikely as it would be account age data which we haven’t seen any issues with previously.

Could you find an intermediate backup and verify the salt is the same? No other changes to the account data?

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It was actually the backup, I managed to restore another backup and now the account is signed. What its strange is that the account salt on both backups are the same, but one backup the account was not signed and now it is. Maybe I fucked something up with the backup. Thanks!