Account not signed

I have tried to get my account signed several times.

I have both bought and sold bitcoins several times from accounts which have been signed.

Unfortunately my account is not getting signed.

What do I need to do to get my account signed?

The account signing mechanism sometimes fail. If you’re certain that your account should have been signed, please proceed to support channel so you can share personal data to the support team.

So, went to keybase. Posted my issue. Someone else with the same probleem.

And now we are waiting for 3 days.

No idea whether someone looking into it. No idea what can be expected.

It’s not an easy issue, devs have been trying to solve it for long. Try to contact directly with sqrrm at keybase.

Ok. This is at least an answer. Would be good to make sure the agents at keybase do reply in a similar fashion.

No answer is simply not good. An answer stating that is a known issue, but not easy to solve is acceptable and helps people trusting they can rely on the Keybase support.

Just my two cents.