Account restore without app data, dispute in progress

Hi all,

Managed to cook my OS with Bisq app data. I do have the seed and have verified using the xpub that it is correct. I was in the middle of a dispute so funds are locked.

Further dispute background if relevant: Mediator made a small mistake and almost released funds to a mismatched account I had refused payment from per trading rules. Mediator acknowledged mistake and said he would leave notes for the arbitrator to ammend but couldn’t change the payout suggestion himself. I don’t think that process can start until Feb 6.

Any ideas how/if I can restore the account to regain access to the dispute? Thanks in advance.

Just to fill in with the terminology, mediator cannot release funds, rather only make suggestions that the traders can accept or refuse, arbitrator is the only one able to actively send funds after the delayed payout transaction has been published.

Restoring the account where the dispute is being discussed would need to restore the previous onion address, and the relevant trade data that is stored inside the database files in Bisq folder… so, in case the contents of the system were irrevocably lost, and you kept no backup anywhere else, it would be impossible to restore that account I’m afraid

Yes, sorry. He made that suggestion and luckily I was paying enough attention I caught the mistake and didn’t just click accept. Can’t imagine many people are backing up their app data often enough it would have helped in this situation. Glad it wasn’t a large amount of money.

Is it possible the arbitrator makes a decision in my favor and returns the funds without any input from me (assuming the mediator left him some notes)?

Is it not possible I communicate with the mediator/arbitrator in a different way to let them know I’m locked out? There’s only two mediators. I speak with them both quite frequently due to the number of failed trades on Bisq and my desire to report mismatched accounts.

I don’t need to restore the account but there is surely a way to return the funds if there’s a will is there not. What would happen to these funds otherwise?

I do (or try to remember to) backups after every significant action, like making offer where I need to place deposit, a trade opens, a trade closes, I withdraw funds.
My backups end in an encrypted folder that I sync on the cloud.
It’s money, I want it to be safe!

What you say above could be very well possible if the mediator is a good “ambassador”, but you will have to reach to them on, it’s either pazza83 or leo816 and you should remember which one of them is assigned to your case.

If the arbitration is solved in your favour, the funds will still be sent to your Bisq wallet, and then you will be able to access them by either restoring said wallet in another Bisq installation, or opening from another software

Thank you, I have created a matrix account and reached out to my mediator in DM.