Account Signing

Hi guys, hope you’re all well and thanks for any help or support.

So I’m trying to get Monero and downloaded the bisq platform over the weekend. Once downloaded, I moved some bitcoin from another platform I use to bisq, and then tried to sell that BTC to buy XMR however it tells me my account is not yet signed.

I read that I can get it signed by buying BTC from somebody with a signed account, but as I already have BTC I don’t really need to do that. How do I get my account signed so I can trade my existing BTC for XMR?

Signing is only for some fiat payment methods.

Trading BTC for XMR does not require signing.

Have you added funds to your BTC wallet in Bisq?

Have you added your XMR address into Bisq Account > Altcoins Accounts > Add new account

Once you have done that you can choose the XMR market and see what offer you would like to take, or make an offer if you do not see one you like.

The XMR market is very active right now so you should get a good price.

Thanks for the help Pazza! So where do I get an XMR account to add? I tried to add a new XMR account and it asks me for a Monero address so I’m guessing I need to setup an external account first?

Yes, Bisq wallet only lets you handle BTC. XMR needs to be handled on a external wallet (my choice is Mymonero).