Account still unsigned after 40 days & multiple trades

My Zelle payment account is still showing as unsigned despite having carried out multiple trades with signed peers and the account age being 40 days. It’s a bit frustrating still being only able to purchase .01 BTC at a time.

Is there something I need to do to sign my account?

Go to Accounts > National Currency Accounts

Click on your Zelle account.

What does it say at the bottom under “Account signing status” ?

It says “Not signed yet.”

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Sometimes for whatever reason an account fails to get signed.

I would recommend finishing any trades you have with it. Delete the account and then add it back in Bisq.

Hopefully this will sort out everything so it signs the next time.

FYI trades need to be at least 0.0025 BTC for trades to get signed.

Here is a link to account signing in the wiki:

Good luck :crossed_fingers: