Account trading limitations


I’m sorry to complain but I’ve been using Bisq for almost three years now and I can’t believe what I see when I updated the client.

When the first changes to accounts and limitations came a year ago I think, I was like, OK, it’s a PITA but I’ll do what is necessary. Now after I’ve been using my “verified” account for over 300 days, I’ve updated the Bisq today and my account is limited again with maximum trade of 0.01 BTC… WTF?

I just can’t get my head around why long-time users like me are being punished like this over and over again. I don’t have 30 days to wait for some signing by another user, this is such a terrible idea! My question is, can I do something about it, or should I just transfer my coins somewhere else and delete Bisq - which I would obviously prefer not to do…

Thank you.

If your account was signed before the upgrade it should stay signed. Could you describe how you upgraded?

The signing means account+salt get signed and the hash stored in the shared data store. If you still have the same account with salt it should show as signed. If you create that same account with a different salt it won’t show as signed though.

Well, I don’t really remember if it was signed before. I know I did not have the ridiculous limit of 0.01 BTC when I traded about a year ago. Then I started the Bisq few days ago, downloaded the update, installed it and now I have the limit - which I don’t remember having last year. I don’t remember any signing mechanism a year before. In my account it says “Max. trade duration: 6 days / Max. buy: 0.01 BTC / Max. sell: 0.25 BTC / Account age: 309 days”.

These strict limits were introduced on March 1 last year. Accounts created after March 1 last year have the 0.01 buy limit so your account would have to get signed to lift the limits. That means buying from a seller that can sign you.

Account signing was introduced with 1.2.0 in August or September (can’t remember exactly) last year. If you traded before March 1 last year you would’ve been trading without any limits, sounds like you might’ve had another account setup since you’ve been around for a while.

With this account you have to get it signed to be able to buy more than 0.01. The signing is done once per account and won’t reset between upgrades, as long as you have the same account data and salt.

I’m currently chasing a bug in the signing where some signers are apparently not able to sign, but it sounds like that was not your problem here.

I understand the frustration with the limits. Building a distributed trading platform is hard and this is the best we’ve managed to come up with to balance usability and safety against scammers.

Checking my old thread on this forum I believe last March I lost my old account because of some bug or something during update, so I had to delete all files and then restore my wallet with the recovery phrase. I assume that’s when I’ve got the account limited, because the recovery worked only for the wallet, not for the account itself and I did not notice, because since then I was only selling, not buying. And the signing was not a thing yet as far as I remember. What a bummer, if it would have happened just a few days earlier, I would have no limits :frowning:

Very unfortunate. If you still have the data from the old data directory you might be able to recover the account and trade with no limits without getting signed. Otherwise getting signed is the only way.