Add SteemUSD: support thread

Recently I started a thread on explaining what I believe will be the many benefits - for bitsquare and steemit - of adding SteemUSD (aka SBD, STEEM-backed Dollars) to Bitsquare.

Presently I am trying to get the attention of someone officially associated with steemit to make the official request.

This thread serves as a statement of purpose, and steemit users may also use it to express their support.

The ticker symbol is SBD? and the official name SteemUSD?

Just saw that the ticker conflicts with

Great thanks for th thread over there!!!

I believe SteemUSD would be appropriate then.

Can you verify with the founders? I just needed to change ETHC to ETH and it is not easy to do that because the ticker is the ID and assumed to not change.

I asked around and SteemUSD appears to be ok.

Unfortunately I could not get in touch with any official steemit people though!

You have already worked with at least one of them when adding BitShares (BTS) - is it possible to get in touch with Dan / bytemaster that way?

I think the article I wrote over at steemit just got lost in the chaos…

I should know the ticker symbol is not changing otherwise we get a lot of dead tickers (like it happened with ETHC). So I prefer to wait until we have a confirmed ticker symbol.

How do you propose we proceed?

I have been unable to get the attention of anyone officially working with steemit, unfortunately.

Is it already added at any other exchange?

If not you can provide me some contacts and I can try to send them an email, maybe they react.

@karnal I just your tutorial on Steemit (
Great thanks for the comprehensive write up!!! Great job!

Any news regarding SteemUSD?
On Poloniex they use SBD / Steem Dollars.
Would like to add it…

I will add BitUSD as well to the upcoming release. Will go out maybe tomorrow.

Just replied to you on steemit.

I think “SteemUSD” (short) or “SteemUSD (Steem Dollars)” (long) will do.

SBD is out of the question, since it is officially already taken (maybe Poloniex should be notified of this… :))

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Regarding BitUSD, man, awesome!

May I suggest you add the following as well - perhaps this needs some separation in the UI, or it will quickly get confusing / too long.

BitCNY – Has the most liquidity out of all the smartcoins – and we are trying to get more Chinese users for Bitsquare too! Perfect match!
BitEUR – We have many european users, same with bitsquare, if we see how used SEPA is over here
BitCHF – Moderate CHF activity over at Bitsquare, perhaps there will be interest too
BitGBP – Not really used (yet), but it is a relevant currency.
BitNZD – Not really used (yet), but it is a relevant currency.
BitAUD – Not really used (yet), but it is a relevant currency.
BitSGD – Not really used (yet), but it is a relevant currency.
BitHKD – Not really used (yet), but it is a relevant currency.
BitSEK – Moderate SEK activity here at Bitsquare, and we have a few Swedish Bitshares users too.

As you probably know by now, I am a huge fan of both Bitsquare and Bitshares.

And I believe the synergies that are possible between the two projects are IMMENSE !

While there is wisdom in not having 100% of ones’ assets in crypto, what most people are looking for when they go back and forth between crypto and fiat is to pocket the profits, denominated in a national currency.

If we can all do that without leaving the crypto ecosystem, all the better!.

And Bitshares makes this possible.

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Steemit link:

Is the ticker symbol SteemUSD or STEEMUSD it is usually using all upper case letters.

The ticker symbol is always upper case right? BitEUR -> BITEUR
I request from Poloniex the market price so it is important that this matches correctly.

In Bitshares we usually write it like bitEUR, bitUSD, and so on (lowercase b)

For Steem Dollars, I have seen it written as SteemUSD the most.

Hope that helps!

I have a ticker symbol and the name. The name is flexible to get changed later but the ticker symbol not. It is like an ID and used for lookup market price at the price feed providers (poliniex, btcaverage).
BITUSD and BITCNY is at poloniex used as ticker. So I stick with that. STEEEMUSD we dont get the feed as they use SBD.