Adding a new Coin 2021

Is there a version of BitcoinJ that has to be implemented?
Once that is done where does it go in the file tree?
Who does one contact in order to start testing?
What seednodes is being referred to? I assume it is Bisq seednodes, not sure what that means?

The PR needs to add all the required implementation and integration code for libdohj, BicoinJ and Bisq

Copied from: How to add an alternative base currency -

Add the implementation where. I look at PIVX or Dash, and there is one file only for each coin. I can’t find the Bitcoinj implementation in the file tree in Github.

finally, the build fails with the latest version of Gradle.

Any answers to any of these would be appreciated.

Adding new assets is on hold for more than a year. Maybe you want to look into Sisq, which will be much more free.

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