Adding top 100 coin(s) and others

Hello everyone,

I’m building a community for the 99% of the world thats not yet active with crypto valuta.
We offer guides and point out interesting ways from start to end to get them involved.

Our public is/will be the non-technical and non-trader audiance.

As of now the 99% audiance we aim for will want an easy way of buying and selling.
This makes normall exchanges out of the question since they are to complicated for this kind of audiance.

So for our guides we are looking into 2 types.

  • Official Buy and Sell companies like Suggestions for similar exchanges outside of europe are welcome.

  • And Bisq or similar solutions

The point is that Coins like Electroneum [ETN] are not listed. I looked into the fact of requesting the coin to be listed, but i backed off when i saw the message about ICO. ETN did have an ICO…

And so there are other coins that are interesting for non-traders/non-miners.

So my question is…

Is Bisq the solution i want to promote…
Please enlighten me

Bisq is neither the most user friendly exchange or the one with the most liquidity. So from what I could gather from your post it isn’t the best fit.

I was hoping for something better…
Guess this project isn’t going to move forward if you can’t trade the top 100 coins…

There are coins in bisq that are between top 1400-1500…
I can understand that those coins paid for it in some kind of way.

But then again, for Bisq to receive bigger adoption they should support at least the top 100 coins.

This is how you list an asset on Bisq and the requirements necessary. Any body can do it.

Bisq will not list your token if it has taken part in an initial coin offering (ICO

It also says this…

Electroneum had an ICO in the past but is currently on place 87 according to.