Address is not a valid XMR address! invalid prefix 13

I’m trying to add a new Altcoin Account specifically XMR, and it won’t let me continue due to this error message.
“Address is not a valid XMR address! invalid prefix 13”
I received the deposit address from another exchange and it starts with a 4 which I believe is correct.
I couldn’t find any info about this problem searching this forum.
Restarted BISQ several times, no luck over the past two days trying to get that new account type.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Well, it seems that the address you’re putting in the field starts with “13” and XMR addresses don’t start with “13”.

Thanks Huey for your response.

It does seem like that is what the error message is saying but the XMR address I entered starts with a 4 (I copy pasted from the other exchange).

So, yeah, I don’t know.

You should open an issue on

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Thanks, I will do that.