Advantages of Signed Account?

Is having the ability to purchase larger amounts the only advantage to having a signed account? I have made 2 trades with my current account and it did not get signed… do I need to do anything else to make this happen?


That is one benefit.

The other is when making an offer it shows the other traders that your account has been signed. So when choosing between an offer from an unsigned account vs a signed account they may choose yours.

Also if you are making an offer to sell BTC some users might only want to trade with a signed account so they can get their accounts signed in the process.

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Gotcha- Since I made a trade with a signed account should I be signed now automatically?

You should be signed but it takes 30 days for limits to be lifted and for you to be able to sign others (or your own accounts with the same account name).

You can check in Account > National Currency Accounts > click on payment method to see the ‘signed’ status

Hmmm looks like I’m ‘Not signed yet’

To get signed the trade amount needs to be 0.0025 BTC or larger. The person you are buying off also needs to be signed.

Very occasionally it does not work first time and you might need to complete another trade to get signed.

For reference: Account limits - Bisq Wiki
You might need to remove and create a new account with a different salt if signing fails. Also, keep in mind that trades that get into mediation doesn’t sign your account.