After restore bisq launch failure with error

After restoring my ubuntu 20.04 LTS i can not launch bisq anymore with this error:
bisq start$…
protocol message tag had invalid wire type.

A suggestionn was to delete old TOR files, which i dod 2x , to no avail.
Please help! Feeling sad/w/o bisq :slightly_smiling_face:

I recommend posting the entire stack trace.

I guess you mean the log?
Or what is a stack trace (and where do i find it)? Could it be java induced? I had to install openjdk14, any good?
Thanks for helping

Update: in the meantime i could naarov it down: starting bisq with an empty profile works fine, only after i use the old walletfile (replacing the new one with the old one bisq_BTC.wallet), the error happens.
what can be done? Don’t want to lose 5 Million:-)

Hi @admin461

Sorry to hear you are having some problems at the moment. I would recommend reaching out to support on Bisq’s Keybase: Keybase

thanks, In the meantime i solved it, got my coins back and the accounts and aging, all good now

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Glad it is sorted