After upgrading from 0.9.8 to 1.0.1, trade limit has been halved


I have upgraded to 1.0.1 and my trade limit for 22 d.o. SEPA account has been halved to 0.0625. I couldn’t find any reference to this, except for the present situation with a chargeback scammer, but nothing in there indicates that all trading limits have been halved for SEPA accounts.

Please, could someone advise what to do?

Trading limits have indeed been halved due to running scams.
And min deposit has also been increased from 1% to 5%.
This may be changed if we find other (better) protection tools for the users. But atm, it will remain so.
(The topic was discussed in the last video growth call).

So, for fiat trading you’ll have to make more smaller trades.

Thank you, Homard.

Please, could you or someone else point me out towards the following info:

  1. The current trade limits
  2. The decision making process of setting trade limits (who decides, where it is discussed and how it is implemented).
  1. but not sure if it is up to date
    I think that the limits are also indicated in the appli.

  2. Last decision was taken in emergency due to scams. Something had to be done, rapidly. Bisq used the tools at our disposal atm. Decision was taken by the core devs. If you want to know more, the topic was discussed in the last growth call (video).

Understand that this was by no way done to annoy users, but only to limit the damages of this scam.
New anti-scam features should be implemented in next Bisq versions. If it is safe to return to the previous limit it will be done.

The safest thing for everybody is however to forget the fiat system and to trade in the crypto system. There are plenty of opportunities there and it’s much more healthy than the shitty fiat/bank system.

There are people despite being able to earn some of their money in BTC still need to convert to fiat in order to pay their expenses. The situation is unfortunate.

That’s right.
But I was speaking about trading.
For people willing to trade, come put your both feet on the safe side.

As an alternative to the current system, I think it would be reasonable to increase trading limits for those who show good volume and no disputes over a certain period of time. For example, I traded more than 0.5 BTC this month with 0.125 limit. There were no issues and no disputes. If I had 0.25 limit, I could trade in larger volumes more frequently