After upgrading from 1.3 to 1.3.1 all my active trades have vanished

When I was on 1.3.0, I had open trades with buyers that were marked with payment sent and after upgrading to 1.3.1, all my open trades were moved to failed trades.

I would like to recover the trades, or receive a refund for my coins.

Please help.

Update: Have taken huey’s solution and attempting to contact mediator, will update…

I have a similar problem:

I started the transaction in version 1.3
I currently have 1.3.1 and this error:

Also in the transaction I have this error:
Zrzut ekranu z 2020-04-09 12-02-16

@bonetti Apparently, v1.3.1 didn’t fix all failed trades issue. Devs are launching v1.3.2 that should fix this issue.

In the meantime, you may follow this instructions to assure your transaction is not really a failed transaction. Verifying multisig funds and Finding your mediator