Alipay (China)


Has anyone traded on Bisq via Alipay?

I have done this many times on LocalBitcoins and today one of my offers to buy was taken on Bisq.

As with the vast majority of Alipay transactions, the payer is shown the payee’s last one or two characters of their (typically Chinese) name. The payer is then prompted to enter the first Chinese character of their name for verification purposes.

The Bisq trade has not provided me with the payee’s registered Chinese name so sending the money is not possible directly (it may be possible - although I’ve never tried - by adding them as a ‘friend’ and sending but this is probably an undesirable option).

I have provided the payee with the second character of their name which I can see and have asked them to send me the first character in order to send the money.

Perhaps this is an anonymity issue with the Alipay option or perhaps the first character of the name could be provided by Bisq to avoid the conversations.

I await a response from the payee.

If anyone has any experience with this, I would be grateful to hear it.


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Payee sent me the required name details over chat and the transaction was completed successfully. No problems on this occasion but perhaps something for Bisq to consider.

You’re a pioneer China Bisq user. Thanks and I’m glad it worked fine. Maybe something can be done so your issues don’t happen anymore, but I think Bisq should be glad that the trader chat worked fine.

Thanks for the hint. I use bisq in China as a foreigner but due to the fact my alipay account needs to be reconfigured i use WeChat-pay sucessfully.

But there is another issue when creating a payment channel. You are asked for your ‚Wechat number‘, but only a wechat-id, wechat-name and your mobile number is usefull Information To identify an account, but the mobile number you do not need to make public. A buyer could find me without any problems anyway.

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