All about Bitcoin & politics

All about Bitcoin & politics…

I couldn’t find elsewhere to put this to the table, so I ask here.

I’m not a programmer, but definitely I consider blockchain tech and its most successful implementation yet, bitcoin, as a tool that can help change a lot of things not only in finance and economy, but (most importantly) in society.
That is why, despite my inability to comprehend the code, I try hard to understand its mechanics.

Lately I read several articles and twits about upgrade proposals aiming to change the block capacity in order to provide more ‘space’ and facilitate more bitcoin transactions per block (if somewhere here I’m making any wrong articulations, please correct me). Some (or all) of these proposals might provoke a potential fork (hard or soft) and thus split the bitcoin community. There are several different opinions and POVs, supporting different sides and serving different interests. On top of that I think that never in the past did we reached a point where bitcoin community was that much divided about the future of the cryptocurrency.

What it’s not clear to me (yet) is whether we, the bitcoin users (in contrast to miners and developers) have any word on what will happen. I know that plain users might not fathom the technicality of the subject, meaning that we can’t express opinions on the implementation of a solution, but nevertheless we are the pillar that secures bitcoin’s success.

Bitcoin is decentralised. That is its main and most valuable feature. Or is it?
Is there a way for simple users to make clear their preferences? If yes, will a definite user-predisposition affect developers and miners? How much power the later hold on their hands?
Finally, should we be afraid of a bitcoin hard fork or is it something that is natural to happen at some point?

Too many qs. I know. A few thoughts to open a conversation beside bitsquare technical issues…

Plenty of discussion about this on Reddit. Try r/btc or r/bitcoin

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