All my trades failing

A few months ago I had a couple of trades failed due to malformed transactions. I was using the latest version of the software at the time.

Between then and now I hadn’t used Bisq until today, when (after updating to the latest version) I tried to make two trades as a ‘taker’ and got what I think was the same, or a similar, thing: it just hung and nothing happened, I then had to escape and cancel the trade, and it then shows as an error due to malformed transaction.

Why is this happening every time I try to make a trade? Previously I had been a regular user and had encountered no problems ever.

Hi, follow this guide and reach out on the #support channel on Keybase.

I don’t need a mediator, I have no open trades.

I want to know how to make a trade which won’t fail as all of my recent trades have.

Hi. Can you DM me more details and error message you’ve got. Maybe also your bisq.log and times and ids of these trades?