Altcoin exchange: Sending message failed

I’m in the middle of a BTC <–> Altcoin trade as maker for buying Bitcoin / selling Altcoin.
After I confirmed that Altcoin payment was started the Payment-started-message-status changed to “Sending message failed”. Not sure if the software had a flaw or my network connection broke up … .A pop-up window advised to inform the arbitrator in order to get the locked funds released. In the “trade state” I see as status “FIAT_SENT”. Wonder if this status is used as well in trades without FIAT.

My question:
Earliest chance to contact arbitrator is after the 24h time window, right?
Is the complete trade stopped or can the trade partner still confirm the receipt and the app continues normally with the trade?


What does your altcoin explorer tell ?
did your altcoin payout succeed or not ?
Sometimes, due to network issue there may be inconsistency.

The issue is one step before. I could not successfully push the button "Payment started"in the bisq app. Usually I see something like “message received by peer” but this time “sending message failed”. No option to send again.

You should open a ticket with cmd+o.
Arbitrator will respond in 24h max. It will likely be sooner.

I am not sure about the error, but a seller can not confirm a payment without payment started button being pressed first, which seems like the issue that your Bisq client is having at the moment.
So the trade will be stopped and you will have to wait for the arbitrator to respond to the ticket.

Thanks for help. Seems to be a bug. Anyway, usually it works flawlessly. Arbitrator fixed it until closure.

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