Altcoins price feed below market price

Hi All,
Who is Bisq using for their price feed as their prices are way off.

Calculated on a 2 BTC trade, selling Altcoin for BTC.

ETH: $796 worse off than real price
(0.01556BTC )

ZEC: $1379 worse off than real price

Dash is off too.

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There is some info in the wiki about where the price comes from: Bisq Price Indices - Bisq Wiki

Not sure how up-to-date it is.

Generally when things are very volatile prices between different exchanges get out of line resulting in discrepancies.

Hi Pazza.
The prices are out with/without volatility.

ZEC for example. The Wiki states that the price feed for ZEC is derived from 20% of Binance,Huobi,Kraken,Polo and Exmo.

Here is a screen shot showing all those exchanges except for Kraken (which was around the same) and Bisq.

As you can see Bisq is clearly not getting its price from those exchanges.

Same with ETH and others.

The prices are incorrect.zecdata

Hi @Badha5h thanks for letting me know. I will ask the price node operators to investigate.

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Trading ZEC on Bisq is not common. See screen shot above. Therefore it is difficult to give ZEC the required resources to ensure the price feeds are accurate.

How about ETH/BTC Pazza?

Have a look at the price on Bisq and compare it to any exchange and you will see it’s not accurate.

Apparently Bisq is currently missing someone in the role of price node maintainer, and lacks price node operators. The current prices for alt coins are being provided by one contributor.

it is not ideal, but this is the way it is at present. Hopefully more price nodes can come onboard and someone can take the role of the price no maintainer.

Pricenode operator: Pricenode Operator - Bisq Wiki
How to run a pricenode: How to run a price relay node
Pricenode maintainer: