Alternative to PageSigner

Hi guys,
After having made about twenty small transactions on Bisq (always be praised), I am going to make a more “consistent” one.
But first, I had the brilliant idea of ​​checking if PageSigner was working properly (to prevent any future problems).
Well, it doesn’t work in any of my bank accounts and in any of the browsers I’ve tried it on.
I read here on the forum that this software has created many problems for many users. So I was wondering if there was a more valid alternative. I read about a certain Veruv in an old discussion, but now those links lead to a “strange” site… Also, the idea of ​​putting my banking credentials on an external site would not have pleased me very much…
Is it possible that there is nothing valid?
How can I provide valid proof of my bank transfer, without affecting my privacy and my anonymity?
I would be willing to give all my bank credentials to the mediator in case of a problem, but I would like to keep it as a last chance.

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I would be interested in a update in this affair as well

It is a fundamental thing, as I see it, to have from the beginning the total security of the successful conclusion of a transaction, if you have behaved correctly. Therefore it is essential that there is an instrument that proves a payment made or one not received.
If I were able, I would do it, but unfortunately I am not yet. I am therefore willing to pay someone who offers himself available to create a free and open source software and who makes it available to everyone. Unfortunately I’m not rich, so personally I could put a relatively low amount, but I hope someone will join me in this…

I never had to verify a payment, but I know that this is a very important tool for Bisq.
I think that the development of pagesigner stopped. Maybe as you suggest, Bisq should encourage and pay developers of this tool to make it work with banks.

And if it starts from someone from the Bisq community?
I’m not a programming expert, but I think you created something extremely more complex making Bisq, right?

For example, the first thing that I thought in order to provide a valid test could be:
A Bisq button that, by pressing it, performs the screenshot of an open browser page (on which the user has previously opened the screen of its home banking related to the payment in question). Obviously this implementation must run the screenshot only of a web page with https link, and not just any screenshot. Could you realize something like this? Could it be very complex instead?

I did a lot of trades in Bisq and fortunately I never had to use PageSigner, either.

I guess that only the case of intentionally lying that the payment has arrived is problematic.

If the payment could not be processed by the bank it will go back to the sender after several days or weeks. This case is open for a long time, but can be handled by the mediator.

In the case of no response and not releasing the funds I assume the funds will go to the buyer by arbitration after a long time, because there is no dispute by the seller because he is not responding.

Exactly, the question arises precisely for situations in which one of the two subjects lying having sent or not received a bank payment.

Well, a risk always remains.

However I think it is small. I did more than hundred trades without any scammers…

If you are the taker of a trade you may choose your trading partner e.g. age of account, signed account, region (if SEPA) etc.