Always the same taker of my offer. Shall I be concerned?

Hi. I´ve been using bisq for a while. In the last 6 months, every time I create an offer (I am maker/buy BTC) it is always taken by the same person. He/she always pays and I had never any issue but I am concern about my data. This person is using different onion addresses for every transaction so I cannot ban it. I am concerned that there is (and will be) only one person that knows how much BTC I owe. Am I beeing paranoid? What would you do in my place? Thanks in advance for your advices

In case that is your only concern, keep in mind that you both will know how much BTC the other party own(s|ed), so it’s a two-fold issue.
Also, even if they didn’t actively take your offers, they would still be able to know how much you own, since they can identify you from your onion address in your open offers.
I’d say they are just a very privacy conscious individual who likes to avoid leaving traces on Bisq (hence the different onion address each time).
The only real problem I see about it, is your bank maybe seeing red flags if you keep receiving payments always from the same individual (but then, a bank could raise red flags even if you receive payments from many different individuals… banks like to do that don’t they).
If you know this won’t be a problem, keep trading on, having a “trusted” buyer is actually reassuring.

Unless you really want to avoid them anyway, in which case tell them openly in trader chat, one, maybe up to two/three times, and if they keep doing it anyway, you can store proofs (trader chat/open trade screenshots) and open mediation on them.
But I doubt you really want to do that :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your answer. I will consider it. Actually it was nice to have a trusted partner, but after 6 or 8 trades I started to doubt.

Communication is key, how comes you never confronted him about it? Asking nicely of course, but the question would be natural, as they keep choosing you over and over

You are right, communication is key.
I was kind of afraid that I was helping someone to do money laundery, so I freaked out. That´s why I started to aks here.

Well, about that, noone can really be sure, as it can be said also for BTC being sold on Bisq, what if they come from obscure activities?
It is the nature of a decentralized exchange where KYC is illicit.
This is a reasonable concern that you can voice with your peer at the next trade.

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I would not see a buyer that takes multiple trades and always sends BTC as a problem :slight_smile:

I am concerned that there is (and will be) only one person that knows how much BTC I owe.

Maybe move it a couple of times amongst your wallets and then who knows if you or someone else controls the btc anymore.