Amateurs Laymen go here

What I can - I would love to learn it - because it is interesting and useful :slightly_smiling_face:

I am really having a hard time understanding your post, but you seem enthusiastic so that is good :grin:

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to use Bisq, you could try watching this video to help you get started

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ok - dakujem - Thenk You - translator verzion -
Hi - I do not have btc or even cryptocurrency - but I want to know the principle so I do not have a problem - they’ve stolen me where I put my money - I have to study - because I do not have the money to invest - only a little and I see control - …

I have to move some cryptpcurrency to change someone else because I want to learn how to do this OK - right and to be able to do our home and other cities to do business for tourists to come to Slovakia - help me - to do so together and I physically I will do everything maxi than I can do - I have no one to help yet … :star_struck::heart_eyes::disappointed_relieved::slightly_smiling_face:

You could go to forum and overtime you will be able to get into signature campaigns, there you can earn some small amount in order to get started. There are even some Bitcoin ATMs in Slovakia if you need some to get started trading on Bisq, since here you need some for a security deposit.

You could use Bitcoin Core wallet on your PC to store your bitcoins.

You could try to find people in your country to help you out as well, to trade with them with cash and so on, it is a bit hard to do that all the time, but it is ok for the first time so you could get started.