Amazon canceled my gift card purchases

Hello, so I’m trying to buy BTC via Amazon eGift cards for the first time. I followed the advice on the wiki and kept each egift card 100 USD or less and left the message field blank, needs four of them to reach the transaction amount.

After nearly 12 hours waiting for the ‘immediately sent’ gift cards to be sent, Amazon customer service emailed me, saying they believed my account had been compromised, and they’d canceled the gift cards and changed my account password. So I reset my password and 2FA, and placed the order again. A few hours later they automatically canceled it again, and now my amazon aacount is locked until I can get through to customer support on the phone (1h and 15 minutes and no luck yet).

Has anyone else had issues sending Amazon gift cards to pay for BTC purchases?

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No, this is not common for Amazon cards, although it’s not a frequent used payment method.
I suppose that this transfer got the attention from compliance staff for some reason.

It finally worked out, but for nearly a week I was stuck in a look where my attempted giftcard purchases would trip Amazon’s fraud systems, they’d disable my account, and I’d spend the better part of an hour calling their customer service to get things unblocked.

I also made bad experience with this payment method and that with value less than 100€.

Amazon’s algos seem to be unpredictable in deactivating gift cards without explanation. Afterwards you have to fight to get it back.

I can not really recommend to use this payment method within Bisq.

Was the email address you were sending the egift card to a well known email provider?

My trade peer had was using a email address, so I don’t think that was an issue.

Actually I received the gift card to the same mail address that is used for the login in Amazon. But these fraud detection algos are not smart enough to match mail addresses as it seems :->

I have not heard of a case of this before. Are you saying you received the eGift card but were then unable to credit it to your account?

The cases I have heard are only that the BTC Buyer is unable to send payment to the BTC Seller.

Yes, I received the gift card. Then I redeemed it and made a purchase and then the algos canceled the order and said the gift card is not valid anymore.

That is concerning, was the Amazon e-gift card acquired via a Bisq trade?