Amazon Gift Card as payment method

Could Amazon gift cards be added as a payment method? The seller of BTC would just need to provide an email address (which doesn’t need to be tied to an Amazon account). The BTC buyer would buy an eGift card from Amazon for any amount which would be sent to the seller via email, and the seller can then apply the voucher to his Amazon account. (It wouldn’t need to be spend straight away, and can sit as a balance for up to 10 years).

As far I can can tell, it is not reversible, and since if the voucher is sent by email directly from Amazon, the buyer wouldn’t see the code, so no chance of sending an expired voucher

This would work from any Amazon site (, etc) so it would be necessary to have a country field so the seller gets the right voucher for the right country.

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If you are used to github, you could open an issue on Bisq’s github:

But it’s suggested to read other issues before in order to catch Bisq’s requirements.
(Chargeback is always the main worry).

As we are getting really close to DAO going live, It is good to know that DAO will provide some features with BSQ (Bisq’s coloured Bitcoin token) bonding to basically trade between anything by setting those BSQ as a collateral. These trades wouldn’t offer same type of security as regular multisig trades, but it will be an interesting feature.

You should make an issue as Homrad says in that repo on GitHub :slight_smile:

I would be very interested in seeing this become an option. This is similar to what is done by, which is a centralized option. The going rate on amazon gift cards is something like $40 of BTC for a $50 gift card.

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I’ve opened an issue in GitHub. and

I wasn’t sure which was the best place, so posted in both. So far, no replies to either

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The second one payment-methods repo is for that purpose.

I will respond there to, sorry for the late answer!

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Seems like a good suggestion. Improves anonymity of btc buyer, as far as I can judge.

Payment Method repo doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

I would also like propose Paysafecard and CASHlib vouchers as payment mehtods to buy Cryptocurrencies as they can be used to anonymously buy a voucher and make it easy for people to buy BTC.

Where can I propose those ideas now that payment-method repo isn’t there anymore?

Yes, the payment-method repo has been merged with the general repo

So if you want to open an issue, please do it there.

Make however sure before that the proposed method doesn’t have chargeback risk.
That’s the #1 concern for Bisq.