An apology from Juan S. Galt


I want to apologize for the Bitsquare community for not being active during the past month or two, while Manfred was away.

I had committed to being active in the forum and helping answer questions for users, as well as work on raising the volume of trade. This was my understanding of my role as the community manager, as well as to research ways to approach the creation of the synergetic corporation that Manfred has in mind for bitsquare.

I realize now that this was too much for me to handle and that my interest is really specifically with the design and creation of this synergetic corp, as well as communications.

I underestimated the work that was expected from a community manager and having experienced this I am embarrassed by what I delivered.

I hear that there is a new community manager, I happy to hear someone stepped up to the role and I hope that they can do a great job at it, I’m a bit too disorganized for that role myself. :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, I am interested in bitsquare and think it has great potential.

I’m also still thinking about how to create a decentralized blockchain based organization that can make Bitsquare self sustaining in the long run, in the spirit of an anonymous, decentralized and accountable organization.

Bitsquare already is this in many impressive ways. But of course it can be a lot bigger and it is these scalability questions that intrigue me.

I hope to engage the community in discussion about some of these topics soon and will remain available for whatever I may be able to help with. Be it connecting Bitsquare with other communities in the crypto space. Providing marketing or speaking arrangements or helping to work out the conceptual architecture of the corp and the organization.

Best wishes.

Juan S. Galt

No worry Juan, all is fine…

Ok. It was worth saying. :slight_smile:

I didn’t actually see any posts from you before, so was wondering what happened. Apology accepted, glad to have you around. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. All is good.