AN error occured when taking the offer

Trying to buy using faster paymets.
the taker fee keeps being taken but i get this error all the time.
i seem to now have BTC stuck in the trade wallet now too,how do i release that?

any ideas on this error?

thank you

Can you post more details? Can you PM me the log file (Account/backup -> button to open log)?
Did you succeed to take the offer (so do you have a pending trade)?
If not is the offer still online? If so what is the price/currency/offer ID?

Thanks for the reply.
it timed out,when i restarted bisq the fee was back in my wallet.
Where is your PM button??

You can just click on his name and it will take you to his profile, message button should be in the top right.

You can also go to your messages and compose a new message by clicking on your profile picture in the top right and clicking the envelope icon bellow your picture (one of 3 icons right of your name).

Bizarre,i cant see either of those options

I’m having a similar problem, but it is presenting differently. When I attempt to take an order It is constantly timing out and I have lost my fee at least once this way. Also, I wonder if it is happening in both directions as orders that I have made sit for a very long time before they are taken. I’ve confirmed that there is good connectivity and no firewall blocking anything.

I consistently get this pair in the logs:
[JavaFX Application Thread] INFO i.b.c.t.TaskRunner: Run task: SendOfferAvailabilityRequest
[JavaFX Application Thread] ERROR i.b.c.o.Offer: Timeout reached: Peer has not responded.

It makes me wonder if there is an issue at the tor level.

Is that with the same offer? It might be that the peer did not close his app, so his offer is tangling until the time-to-live triggers and removes the offer. If you can repeat that for different offers or over longer period (> 5 min) Please send me the logs.

It was originally with the same offer, but further investigation/attempts shows that can’t take any offers at all. Which is even after an offer I made was taken this evening.

Log file sent.

Hm, strange. I checked the log file but nothing suspicious. Can you check in Settings/Network if you are connected to other peers? On the P2P network side it should be 8-12 peers and on the Bitcoin side 8 peers.
Can you check he round-trip times? Should be in the range of 200-3000 ms.
Do you have very unstable or slow internet?

Thanks! Sorry for the delay in my response.
Yes, I am connected to usually 10 to 12 bitcoin peers and the P2P network peers is usually between 8 and 10 peers. The round trip times are well within that range and at the time of this writing my nine peers are between 600 and 2000ms with a range around 300 to 2600ms based on my general observations. My internet connection is very fast, and normally very stable, however over a couple days of having the client open I will get the you aren’t connected to any peers message two or three times, but the re-connection is usually immediate.

Maybe you have connection drops in between? Or the computer gets to standby mode where network activity gets deactivated. Check your settings to avoid deactivating network connections.

There is no chance for a standby mode as this is a server system, but I will check and see if I’m having some subtle network issues that aren’t easily visible. Thanks!