Andreas Antonopoulos shout-out 'bout Bitsquare

Just in case people not aware. Andreas did shout out about us. I know he likes community driven open source/P2P projects. We need to arrange for a podcast/YouTube interview with Manfred and Andreas, Wow!

Yes I saw that, thanks for posting it. Yes Andreas is a perfect match to Bitsquare. I will be at a hacker conference in Prague end of september and he will be there as well, as well as OpenBazaar guys. So hopefully a good gathering… Beside that he was in Barcelona at our meetup a few months ago. Great talk with much focus about privacy…

They don’t have to be less convenient! It’s only because we are beginning to migrate from the centralized pattern to the decentralized pattern. In the future I believe decentralized exchanges will be much more convenient than centralized exchanges and of course more secure.

Agree. It’s funny that Andreas always talks about the other 6 billion, and Bitsquare may in fact be already more convenient for them! I really think Bitsquare will be the largest exchange in the world in future.

Regulation will turn the centralized exchanges even more to Banks as they are already, making them even more incompetent to serve the other 6B than today.