Announcing the Trading API

Hi all,

First some terminology: there’s already a ‘Markets API’, which provides Bisq market data (price, volume, …) to 3rd party sites such as Coin Dance.

What’s being announced today is the ‘Trading API’, which is a HTTP API used to programmatically control a running Bisq instance. Use cases include automation of bitcoin/alt trades, market making, gathering offer information, etc.

If you want to see it in action, see this example video.

The API reference doc is generated from the source code and is a very good starting point to get an idea of the functionality.

If you check out the bisq-api repo
you can start a Bisq instance with the API enabled.

Have a look at some generated examples in (currently) Java, PHP, Go, Python, Javascript in the examples repo.

**Please test it, ask help, submit issues, submit PR’s ! **

Link Overview:


Sounds amazing!

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