Another stuck transaction

Hello all. Seller sent BTC to my address, and I see it on the mempool, but it’s coming up to the third day with no confirmations. The mempool shows it’s in a 287MB block (the bottom of the block shows 197 blocks). If I’m reading it right, it shows ~174 sat/vB in the block in the upper left, but 21 sat/vB for my transaction (lower right). How do I set the sat/vB rate before the trade?

I’ve been trying and without any change. Don’t know what to do. Thanks for ideas.

Here’s why: How Accidents in Chinese Coal Mines Are Affecting Bitcoin Mining - CoinDesk

The explosions took nearly a quarter of Bitcoin’s hashrate offline, but the network is operating normally and these miners could be back online in as soon as a week.

Hi the sat/vB rate paid is done at the time the offer is taken. It is dynamic and based on the mempool activity at the time of taking the trade.

Because of the recent spike in mempool activity there is not much you can do.

I would wait it out. Hopefully the mempool activity will lessen and your transaction will release shortly.

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Thank you Pazza. So if I understand, the fee rate is set at the time the seller (taker) accepts my offer (maker buyer), so the fee rate isn’t within my control? I thought when I make an offer to buy, the fee rate that shows on the bottom of the Create Offer window is the rate used. SS send how do I set fee — Postimages

Yes that is correct.

The fee rate for trading is not within your control.

The fee rate for the payout transactions are set at the time the offer is taken, and paid by the taker. If the offer is taken when the fees are low, but the trade is completed at a time when fees are high, there can be a wait for both parties to receive the BTC payout (deposits and trade amounts).

The image you link to is for setting a fee when sending funds. This is not part of the trade protocol.

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The screen shot was referring to a transfer I’m trying to make from my Bisq wallet to my Trezor T. It’s stalled along with a trade from a seller to my Bisq wallet.

I’d like to buy during this dip, but am concerned that if I buy, and the transaction is held up for possibly weeks due to the drop in hash rate, am I at risk of losing my money? Or, wait until the hash rate is restored before buying?

You can still buy during the dip it just might take a little longer to get confirmed. You will still get the price locked in at the time of the trade though so if you think the price is going up it is a good time to buy.

The only way you would lose money is if you take an offer to buy, the transaction doesn’t confirm for a while, and in the meantime the BTC price drops further. You will still have the same BTC you wanted to buy though so no loss in BTC funds.

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Ok. Does that mean if my trades that are hung up with low fees either eventually go through or be expunged? If expunged, do I get my dep back? (I’m the maker buyer). In other words, is there a risk of losing funds?

Deposit transaction will be expunged only if the mining fee is too low for a long time. Otherwise, it will be waiting on the mempool to be confirmed.
Now, recommended fees are about 100-150sat/vbyte. If you take an offer right now, your deposit transaction will be included into a block very soon.
Another matter is that with this cost, the trade should be way over 500USD to make economic sense, since % of mining fees would be too high otherwise, specially for takers.
Stuck trades are those which paid 70 sats/vbyte or under at the beginning of this sudden rise in blockchain space price.

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Thanks. I just completed a trade with a seller/taker, and the Payout transaction ID is stuck in the same large block with my other 3 trades. I just sent a summary on Keybase to a mediator to see if he can help.

All 4 trades are in the 316MB 1-201 sat/vB block (215 blocks):

  1. Multisig payout Apr 15 11PM fee 19 sat/vB
  2. Withdrawn from wallet Apr 15 11PM 96 sat/vB
  3. Maker and tx fee Apr 18 8PM fee 95 sat/vB
  4. Multisig payout Apr 19 3PM fee 94 sat/vB

I don’t know how to RBF or CPFP, so I’m waiting, but they’re not moving. If and when the transactions get “deleted from the network” or “expunged,” does that mean I’ve lost the BTC?

No, it would be like they were never broadcasted.

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I resynced the DAO. Is it ok that all but one State (Blind Votes) were restored?

If I resync the SPV file, I understand the stuck transactions will drop from the Transactions tab. Since it’s as if the transactions were never broadcasted, do they remain in the Sender’s wallet (Seller/Taker in this case)? Then is it ok to resync the SPV? Thanks again.

Yes, as long as you don’t see the “resync DAO” button (or something like that) anymore, your DAO is synced.

Make a backup before doing the SPV resync so you can get back to the previous state if something goes wrong, but I think it’s ok to resync SPV.

  1. Multisig payout Apr 15 11PM fee 19 sat/vB
    this payout will be purged from blockchain, it seems actually?