Any online banks available in Europe with SEPA Instant?

I live in EU country which does not use EUR as national currency, so none of our national banks supports SEPA Instant (just “regular” SEPA). Are there any online banks/fintechs which internally have a SEPA Instant bank account that could be used for Bisq? Revolut does have SEPA Instant, but supposedly cannot be used in Bisq as a SEPA account, so I disregard it (I actually use it for other purposes, so would prefer it not to be blocked [; ). How about N26 and using it for SEPA Instant transfers? Any other fintechs or banks, that would allow me to have such account? Maybe Wise or Advanced Cash have internal SEPA Instant account?

Thanks in advance!

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Wise has SEPA instant.

Here is a list of SEPA Instant participants:

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I’ve seen a list like that (it was in a spreadsheet, but the same data), yet this doesn’t help with the question where could I have an account as a resident of different country (; I assume that no “regular” bank would go for something like this, so I’m limiting myself to fintechs or online banks. Something like Revolut, but working with Bisq’s SEPA Instant.

Try San Marino banks :slight_smile:

They have SEPA accounts you can open for free as a non resident. Not sure about SEPA Instant.

Also I know of some German banks that allow you to have accounts as a non resident.

But maybe the answer to your questions would be better found on a forum discussing offshore banking like:

Also with that big list you can just go to the websites of the banks and see if residence in the country is a condition on having a bank account with them.

Lots of EU banks let people from countries outside the EU open accounts with them.

Thanks for the info, I’ll see what can I do with all that data now (;

For the record, I do live in EU, just not in a country that uses EUR as national currency (;

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