Any plans to fix the fee's and limits?

The 2 month wait I have to be able to move more then $200 is nuts.
Also I am SELLING btc I have ZERO risk generated on my end. yet someone posts a .1 buy order and I am unable to fill it because I am capped at .0625 which seems low, but makes some sense on the FIAT side, but on the BTC side? My funds are 100% secured and even insured with your program.

I am able to place multiple sell offers at 0.0625 but then I’m locking a lot away in security etc.

Can this be fixed?

Also how about setting the fee’s to a simpler fiat based rate?

I don’t know how difficult it would be to increase this limit, but I agree with you.

BTC price dropped significantly since the limit was set.

Super annoying. people looking to but btc .1-.13 and I can’t fullfill their orders because I’m limited. Which is nuts as my side, sending the btc, is 100% reliable.

Bisq is a community project.
If you mind, you can make a proposal to increase the limits here:

Yeah, maybe there should be a distinction between sell accounts and buy accounts.