Any recomendations what to do with BTC after trade

do you have any advice to mix, trumble, coinjoin the BTCs after several trades in Bisq?
I know wasabi and its coinjoin, however the minimim amount is 0.1 btc.
The online mixers are a scam.
any advice?

It also depends on your plans. Long term hodling, if those coins are still no-KYC, I would be very easy on the coinjoin, can always do it later… but yes, if you are so inclined, you can do that now, the more users of coinjoin the better the coinjoin tool becomes, by definition.
You can use Whirlpool with Samourai or Joinmarket (cheapest, but also most complicated to use), Wasabi is quite on the expensive side.

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Hi @bisqcogiendo I would keep them as No KYD’d BTC.

Maybe send your Bisq to a hardware wallet.

I would avoid sending them to KYC services such as major exchanges etc.

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