Any ways to get listed on Coinmarketcap?

CMC is a major entry point when it comes to compare volumes on exchanges. If Bitsquare data could be retrieve from them, that would help a lot.

That need some tools to get statistics out. It is not that trivial as on a centralized exchange as you don’t know if an removed offer was removed because of a take offer request (trade) or removed because the user went offline or canceled.
It would need comparision with the blockchain data to get info which have been trades.

I guess it’s not an easy task. I’ve seen Openledger does it, that’s why I suggested. Maybe have a look how they did that.

Snap, are you affiliated with CMC? Either way, I see exchanges with zero volume. Personally wouldnt mind to get Bitsquare added with a zero volume first and add technical details later. Do you have a contact or can you get this rolling? Thx

no I’m not affiliated but I already contacted the owner and he’s always willing to improve it.
If you have an account on BCT;u=61526
or you can use their request form at the bottom left of the site

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Thanks. Lets see how it goes…