Anybody running Bisq in docker container?

First some praise: I’m quite new to Bisq, but I’m loving it so far. Kudos to the developers! Impressive work.

I have a NAS with various services running in docker. Does anybody have experience with running Bisq that way? It would be perfect: always-on without any additional electricity consumption. The Android app seems a little weird, but it does send empty notifications every time something happens. So I could then log into the docker container and do whatever needs to be done - even from anywhere in the world, since I can VPN into my local network and access Bisq that way.

I found this project: Docker Hub
Has anybody tried it out? Is it stable? Or is there another one I haven’t found yet?

Or are there any issues I have not fully thought through yet? Maybe related to Bisq being a hot wallet?

Anyone? I can’t imagine nobody here has had that thought before me. :grin:

Going out on a limb here… your NAS is bound to not run on a x64 cpu, is it?
In case the underlying system is not what Bisq needs, I personally doubt it will run even over docker

Yes yes, it’s an x64 cpu, relatively powerful even. And there seems be a maintained docker image (the link I sent before: fflo/bisq-on-docker), already updated for Bisq 1.8.2.

This seems promising to me. But since I’m new to Bisq, I don’t want to use an unstable platform - I might end up not knowing if the problem lies with Bisq itself or the docker image. So I was hoping somebody has experience with this.

I haven’t looked into docker setups until now, probably because all my always-on units are not x64 and it would be useless anyway :slight_smile:
Going by the activity of this thread also other users never explored this possibility yet, would there be a way to ask for feedback directly to the docker repo maintainer?

I was also surprised by the (lack of) activity in this thread. Running Bisq on docker on a NAS or server was my very first immediate thought. Unless I’m missing something.

I’ll try to find some more info.

Docker here is trying to fill a need that Bisq1 will not, as most development is now being done for Bisq2.
With that, you won’t need docker as it should support more platforms, and allow for a server-client architecture where a machine runs the backend, and another will have a web-like interface to interact with it.

Ah alright! Just had a look at the Bisq2 repo. Looks super interesting. Could not find an ETA though. When might it be production ready?

closest thing to an eta I stumbled upon, don’t even remember by whom, was “in a few months”, but obviously, like anything, ready when it’s ready :slight_smile:

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Just an FYI, for anyone who’s interested. I tried out the above-mentioned bisq-on-docker. It works fine. However, since there’s virtually zero communication around the project (both developer and community) and I’m not proficient enough to fully understand the dockerfile, I decided to run it in a VM instead.

It’s a shame. The project looks nice, works well, and seems to be regularly updated for new Bisq versions. But I’m not going to put my assets in a hotwallet into a system I don’t fully understand or that at least people I trust (like the Bisq developers) have looked into.

I’m happy to look into it again if things change.

This was indeed a smart choice.
Probably a well-meaning user who dockerized Bisq for their own use, and then shared it, but still you should be able to verify…

Thanks. It’s a shame though. The docker version is close to zero effort (takes about as long as downloading it if you’ve put together a docker container before) and setting up a VM a lot more, plus less efficient, etc.

True, true… usually safety and privacy do not come together with convenience though :slight_smile:

I’ve been battling it out.
Not there yet.
Have jumped through many hoops and gone down many rabbit holes.

Old pc into NAS, Truenas OS, running plex, then also a VM running Linux server MATE to then be able to have a docker, where I used portainer etc. to set up the Bisq docker.

I can Remote Desktop in; server has a GUI, and get into the VM from my main PC - easy. But finding the docker / Bisq on there, no idea… and downloading Bisq directly, also not installing etc. .deb , dunno .

But YES, all I want is Bisq on sever/ up 24/7 and so that I can easily access via main PC when I want.

Once you have a VM running on your 24/7 system, you can install Bisq on there after downloading from the and then use something like VNC to use it, docker is not needed

Yeah I’ve managed to go that way instead.
Truenas → VM → Linux ubuntu server → MATE GUI → using Remotedesktop from main PC to view in… but lord help me, I can download bisq for linux - got the 64bit deb of 1.8.4. but won’t install, or give me the app to run. Fairly noobish to linux ubuntu - but can do it straight forward on my other VM running from local pc (not server). So don’t think I’m that far off.